Tech Bargains In Volatile Market

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

The market's having another mixed day as investors wonder which way stocks are going.

CNBC talked to the experts to get their take on where to invest now.

Here's what some of them are saying.

Nasdaq Due for Snapback

“Let’s understand that Intel wasn’t the disaster, it just wasn’t great. Let’s understand that JP Morgan wasn’t the disaster, it just wasn’t great. The market is beginning to get oversold but there are many things that are wrong.

"Apple said nothing bad yesterday but because it did not preannounce to the upside, no one cares. I am bent on trying to get people to preserve capital here. Look at RIM, look at Apple, look at Google. There’s nothing that's going to turn those around right now short of an emergency Fed cut."

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's "Mad Money"

Sticking With Intel

“We’re sticking with it [Intel] and recognizing it’s going to be a rocky road in the short term but you know buying Intel underneath 20 has been a historically good buying point,” Freedman said.

“Intel has really gotten their game back. They are really striding well in introducing new technology.

"Their ability to sort of slow that pace or to slow the amount of investment is absolutely potentially out there. At this point though, it probably is too early to say that the macro market is impacting them as such that they should curtail spending.”

Doug Freedman, American Technology Research senior semiconductor analyst

Go With the Leaders

“We are still overweight technology and that’s been painful so far this year. But, in financials or homebuilders or credit-related you’re having all bad news. But in technology I think you’ll get some good ones and some bad ones. IBM was the good one, Intel not so good. And I think we’ll get that alternating pattern. But, if you own the leaders that have broad-based global franchises over time, I think you’ll do well, especially from these prices.”

Robert Doll, BlackRock Global CIO