Lightning Round: Countrywide, JAKKS, Oracle and More

Countrywide Financial : “It’s over,” Cramer said. “There’s nothing left.”

GigaMedia : Not a stock many investors want in this environment, according to Cramer, but one that could pay off in the long run.

True Blue : The economy is such that there are too many people looking for jobs for a temp services company to be enticing, said Cramer.

JAKKS Pacific : A toy company that’s “dirt cheap.” Go ahead and buy some JAKK, Cramer said.

Fortune Brands : Don’t buy. Cramer called on the company to explain to him why the stock is at a 52-week low. Maybe after an explanation he would pull the trigger.

Taseko Mines : No one is buying copper stocks in a recession as far as Cramer is concerned. Tasek is in the “toughest single group to own.”

Oracle : Cramer called the BEA Systems purchase “shrewd” and strategically significant for the company to further compete with SAP .

Companhaia Saneamento : Cramer said he would endorse this Brazilian water company because the market there is hot. “Let’s take a shot,” he said.

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