Blu-ray Vs. HD DVD: "Battle" Goes On YouTube


If you have a high definition DVD player you surely spent hours trying to figure out whether to buy HD DVD or Blu-ray. Or maybe like me you don't have a player to go with your HD TV because it was too confusing and the fear of being left with a Beta player too high.

Well, now, thanks to Warner Bros switching from distributing in both formats to being exclusive to Blu-ray, it appears that Sony's Blu-ray format will win the war, as I've reportedover the past few weeks.

Here's a hysterically funny commentary on the battle, as seen from the perspective of the HD DVD camp. It's totally tongue-in-cheek and over the top and brilliant. One of the funniest videos I've seen on YouTube in a while. Check it out:

UPDATE: This warning should have been posted earlier, but the video does contain some "rough" language and is really not suitable for the kids or any adults who might be offended by it.

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