Cars: Getting Too "High Tech" To Drive Or Just Right?


If you're one one those people who loves gadgets, staying connected, and the idea that your car, truck, SUV give you everything, you are in heaven. If you are the type who longs for just you, the car, and need nothing more than the basics, well, hang on to the steering wheel.

The Detroit Auto Show proves automakers are succeeding in packing more creature comforts into our rides. Take travellink by Sirius Satellite Radio which let's you immediately find out everything from construction delays, to the lowest gas prices where you are driving, to movie times at nearby theaters.

BMW's new hybrid's will have emissions displays, so you and others can tell how little you are polluting the environment.


Dodge's new Ram pick-up has more power plug in's so you are never far from being able to re-charge.

Toyota's Versa has lights that automatically switch from high beam to low beam as you approach another car. See you no longer have to put up with others angrily "flashing" you.

The point is, we really have entered the connectivity highway where USB ports are becoming as expected in cars as AM/FM cassette decks were in the 80's. Enjoy the ride!

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