Gary Coxe's Blog: Never Give Up!

By Gary Coxe


Challenges! We face them every day! How can you successfully overcome them? I would like to share with you some techniques I have found helpful in overcoming the many challenges in my own life. (As a 17-year-old young man I got married, and my wife had a baby, who she told me wasn’t really mine. Then my father was murdered, grandfather and step-father both died of cancer, I was admitted into the hospital, put on medication, and much more - all this happened by the time I was 21!) And you think you’ve had a bad day!

Is Positive Thinking the Key?

After going through all of these challenges, I was on a quest to bounce back as fast as was humanly possible. I got the impression from self-help books that all I had to do was say positive things like ‘I can do it’ and I would, or ‘I am great’ and I will be. Was that ever far from the truth! Yes, positive thinking was necessary but it was not the key. I’ve seen a lot of people who say positive things but never get any results. I learned that positive thinking was like spray paint on rust — it doesn’t last long, or motivate you to take long-term action.

Your Belief System = Your Success

One of the most effective ways to bounce back is to develop a powerful belief system, where you convert thoughts to reality. An effective tool in creating a powerful belief, which incidentally creates motivation and drive, is to associate with people who have a ‘never quit’ attitude - feed off of their energy and ideas. Associate with successful people - they think differently! As one wise man said, “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.” Perception is another key to never giving up. Shakespeare once said, “Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. How powerful and true! Also realize that success is really not a destination, but a journey. So, HAVE FUN on that journey and NEVER GIVE UP!

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