The Big Idea Effect: Cell Coach

By: Jeff Bales

Post-Show Results

‘The Big Idea’ show, its host Donny Deutsch, and its staff and producers are to blame for helping me to get my new life-saving product launched! A special “Thanks!” goes out to Donny, Scott, Melanie, Mark and Heather.

Prior to the in-studio in


terview for the ‘Minute to Millions’ segment with Donny and his guests on January 3rd, 2008, I had the good fortune to be allowed to ask a question of one of Donny’s guests via web-cam for the show that aired on 12/19/07. That brief amount of exposure began a domino effect of attention for the CellCoachTM, the world’s first automotive cell phone deterrent.

The CellCoachTM detects cell phone activity within a vehicle and emits an annoying alert until the activity stops, coaching drivers to turn off their cell phones before they drive. This greatly improves traffic safety. The CellCoachTM can help parents reduce use of cell phones by their teen drivers, help businesses reduce expensive vehicle damage and lawsuits, and help school districts to keep bus drivers off of cell phones while they drive students around town.

The web-cam interview resulted in almost 20,000 hits on our website, and doubled website hits from there on. The in-studio interview has already resulted in 80,000 hits and has increased the standard daily website hits to FIVE TIMES the level of pre-show website hits!

CellCoachTM Technologies’ website is nearing the level of popularity of other companies’ websites that have been in business for years and have millions of dollars invested in them. I started CellCoachTM Technologies with only $20 and have designed the product to be able to bring it to market for less than $20,000. The kind of exposure that ‘The Big Idea’ show has brought is equivalent to a marketing expenditure of almost $1,000,000.

As a result of the show’s airing, CellCoachTM Technologies has established relationships with product distributors, dealers, elected officials, and even a Hollywood producer that is considering promoting the CellCoachTM through an info-mercial. We are now in full “GO!” mode.

By: Jeff Bales

Post-Show Results

‘The Big Idea’ show, its host Donny Deutsch, and its staff and producers are to blame for helping me to get my new life-saving product launched! A special “Thanks!” goes out to Donny, Scott, Melanie, Mark and Heather.

Prior to the in-studio in


How It All Went Down

For the in-studio interview, the producers arranged for me to fly out on January 2nd. I brought my fiancée, Kate Breck, to advise me along the way. Kate’s grandfather invented the world’s first shampoo. She is a self-made woman that does marketing for the City of Tucson’s Convention Center and her experiences are invaluable to me.

We were picked up at LaGuardia airport by a driver sent by CNBC studios and were whisked away in a luxurious BMW, taken to the Clinton Inn in a nice part of town in New Jersey across the river from New York City. The following morning, we were picked up a little bit earlier than other guests to enable producers to film the part of the show where I’m seen talking in a parking lot about the CellCoachTM, how it’s installed, and what motivated the idea. Being from Tucson, Arizona, I wasn’t used to the chilly 18 degree wind that was blowing in CNBC’s parking lot while we were filming! I fought back a cough throughout the rest of the day, but it was worth it to get the footage!

After the pre-interview footage was shot, we went into the Green Room to warm up and talk with the show’s other guests. We got to know Lesley Mattos from Adesso Albums, Jennifer Worthington of Coyote Ugly fame, Gail Simone who writes for Wonder Woman comics, and Robert Shemin who is a motivational speaker and author.

Lesley gave us great marketing tips both in the Green Room and in-studio. She is quite a genuine person and a great motivator! Lesley has been helpful to CellCoachTM Technologies even after the show.

We were able to see other guests’ appearances from the Green Room’s monitor. It helped to be able to see Donny’s interviewing style and behind-the-scenes demeanor. Donny is all-business… go, go, go! He is a true professional that knows how to lighten things up with a guest, if need be, and get the ball rolling. Like my portion of the show’s interviews, almost everything is done in one take. That fit right into my way of doing things and getting them done.

A short while before it was my turn to be interviewed, I was taken to the make-up room and given my first professional airbrush make-over (to look better under the studio’s brilliant lighting). As I got up from the make-up chair to head back to the Green Room, I got my first glimpse of the show’s host. Donny sat in a chair behind mine for a mid-show touch-up. I waved at Donny, looked right at him and said, “Now, I feel downright pretty.” He smiled and I left the room with the kind of confidence that I needed to get the job done.

The ‘Whirl Wind’

When I entered the studio for my segment, I felt like I brought the aura of the Green Room with me. Millionaires, billionaires, movie stars, politicians, pundits, and other world famous people had sat on the same couch that I had just left. They had walked down the same hallways that I walked down and shook the same hand of the man who was now shaking mine, Donny Deutsch. I was inspired.

After a few minutes of preparation and reviewing the teleprompter, Donny took off like a race horse. We were off! Before I knew it, we were half way through the segment and I had successfully fought off the nagging desire to cough, due to the morning’s chilly interview. The segment ended with a resounding ‘thumbs up!’ from the guests and Donny! They gave great advice, most of which I’ve already implemented. Even more great things are ahead for our website as we implement a new professional design in preparation for the launch of our new online affiliate marketing program.

After the segment was shot, the guests and I wandered back to the Green Room to celebrate a successful experience. We would soon see Donny interviewing the motivational speaker, Robert Shemin, on the monitor. On the lower right portion of the screen appeared business people from around the country, asking questions of the show’s guest via web cam! Only two weeks prior I had shown up on that same part of the screen asking questions which lead to my in-studio interview!

While Lesley Mattos, Kate and I waited for Donny to exit from the studio (to say thanks, goodbye and get an autograph), one of the show’s producers told me that my car service to the airport was on its way and we’d be leaving for the airport within minutes! We also found out that our show would air that very evening! Minutes later, out came Donny. He took the time to sign Lesley’s copy of Donny’s book ‘Often Wrong, Never in Doubt’, then he signed my copy as well. Donny also took the time to let Kate and I get photographed with him. After that, Donny was gone, off to take on the day’s challenges.

Our car service showed up right away. We said goodbye to others, got into the Lincoln Town Car, and headed off to the airport. CNBC Studios is run like clockwork. They treated Kate and I and the other guests like we mattered to the goings on in the world. They not only care about their show, but they care about the benefits that its viewers and participants get from the experience.

Our plane had a 2-hour lay over in Dallas before leaving for our home town, Tucson. Kate hustled into a Chili’s restaurant in the airport terminal and asked the manager if we could watch CNBC to see the show. They set us up with one of their ceiling mounted TV sets tuned to CNBC. The manager, our waiter, and other staff were watching when ‘The Big Idea’ came on and applauded when my segment came up. We couldn’t hear the show due to the rushing airport and cantina sounds, but we knew we had scored a home run! After the show aired, a passenger on our plane recognized me from seeing he show in the restaurant and spoke with me about it for a while.

After our plane landed in Tucson, I turned my cell phone back on and the telephone calls had already begun. There were already messages to deal with, directly relating to the airing of ‘The Big Idea’ show. Weeks later, we are still getting website hits and calls relating to the show. It has been a very valuable, life changing experience.

Thanks to CNBC for helping me to build a successful business based upon reducing cell phone related accidents. Thanks to Donny and his crew for helping me to save lives!

Go CellCoach, Go!

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