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By Judy Davids

“The years teach us much which the days never knew.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson



t age 42 I made a career decision most girls make as teenagers. I decided I wanted to be a rock star. Did I have a clue what I was doing? Nope. But from that point on, it was full steam ahead and never mind the laundry. I started taking guitar lessons during my lunch hour at work, and managed to bamboozle a couple of neighborhood moms at a BBQ into starting a band with me—and the Mydols were born.

Little did I know that nearly six years later I would find myself in a dressing room with a real deal rock star, Duff McKagan of Velvet Revolver, waiting to appear on The Big Idea. As I chatted with Duff and his BEAUTIFUL wife Susan about my little all-mom rock band, I had to refrain from pinching myself. It was like a dream. I wondered, “How did I get here?” When I look at the last few years of my life, it becomes a little clearer.

Sure the Mydols weren’t the greatest musicians when we started out. In fact NONE of us had ever even played instruments before, but we believed in ourselves and convinced others to do it too. We donned go-go boots and experimented with temporary hair colors. (Yikes! It’s hard to explain to your boss that your pink hair will wash out in about a week.) We made up some t-shirts (nothing says “I’m a rock star” better than a fluorescent t-shirt that says “I’m a rock star”), hung up some gig posters around town and we were on our way. Records, a website, and endorsements followed. Dodge gave us an official “Mydols” minivan with our logo splas



hed across the hood. It rivaled the Partridge Family school bus! It was perfect for dropping off 6 middle-schoolers at “teen night” at 7:00 and still making it to a load-in at a club at 9:00 with drums, amps, and guitars in tow. (Leave it to the geniuses at Dodge to come up with Sto N Go seats.)

In retrospect, it feels like we have it all—the whole rock-n-roll package—and hanging out in the green room with Duff for a couple of minutes starts to make sense. Hey, I may not have as many gold records as him, but I had a few good stories to share with in the green room!

You can read all about my journey from soccer mom to rocker mom in my memoir Rock Star Mommy: My Life as a Rocker Mom (Citadel Press, April 2008).

Joy Rose, the founder of Mamapalooza, calls Rock Star Mommy “a rallying cry for every mother who’s wanted to LIVE LOUD!”

You can pre-order the book now at or your favorite e-retailer bookstore.

Check out or for more information.

And look for the Mydols to appear in the documentary Momz Hot Rocks by filmmaker Kate Perotti. (

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