Berkshire Hathaway Shines Amid Wall Street Gloom

While I promise not to get into the business of writing about the daily ups and downs of Berkshire Hathaway's stock, I do think it's worth briefly noting that shares of Warren Buffett's holding company had a great day, in stark contrast to Wall Street's great gloom.

Berkshire gained 3.8 percent to close at $131,200 today (Thursday, January 17). That's the stock's biggest one-day advance since mid-August. The S&P, on the other hand, dropped almost three percent in its worst day this year.

Current price:

Berkshire's stock has been moving lower in recent weeks, and even with today's gain, it's still down 12 percent from its all-time closing high of $149,200 on December 10.


Just yesterday, Warren Buffett Watch asked if BRK was a bargain at roughly $126,000 a share. It appears at least some buyers agree with value investor Whitney Tilson's resounding 'yes!' (He sees intrinsic value between $160K and $170K.)

And as the clouds darken over Wall Street, Warren Buffett's reputation as the world's greatest investor may look like a relatively safe way to hunker down for a storm.

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