Buy Tech Stocks -- Carefully


When you talk tech stocks with Scott Kessler, you've got to be more specific.

The director of Standard and Poor's IT research group says investing in techs demands an examination of just where companies are positioned in the sector.

"You look at semiconductors, hardware, software and services," he told CNBC. "Typically, the earlier-cycle-type players are going to do worse earlier on in an economic slowdown, so we're...staying away from semiconductor equipment, and we are...gravitating more to software and services."

That said, Kessler offers some clear choices.
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"We like Microsoft, but we also like Oracle as well, much in the same vein that this is a multinational company, gaining market share, maintaining profit margins," he said.

"They're acquiring BEA Systems, and that's going to enable them, I think, to afford significant benefits as well."

Oracle announced plans Wednesday to buy BEA Systems for $8.5 billion.