DGA Settles With Producers: More Pressure For Writers

Directors Guild
Directors Guild

News crossed the wires last night:The DGA just announced it's made a tentative deal with the producers associations, the AMPTP.They've been in meetings since last Monday and it seemed clear they wanted to find a compromise. Though the DGA's contract doesn't expire until June 30th, they wanted to get negotiations moving and everyone back to work.

Also, I'm sure the fact that one of the head negotiators for the DGA is running the Academy Awards, and if the writers can make a deal then the show will go on!

Now the pressure is REALLY on the writers--will they work off the terms of the producers deal? I haven't seen the terms yet, but I'm curious to see if the settlement can re-cast the issue as an amicable compromise and perhaps convince the writers that they can make a similar deal and save face.

This is what everyone will be talking about at Sundance Film Festival which started Thursday. It appears all of West LA is going--I'm writing this from LAX which is packed with Hollywood types in expensive, and brand-new looking parkas. I'll be blogging regularly from the festival, with lots of news on who's buying what movie and what the strike buzz is at all the parties.