Google Search: Which Simpson Do you Want? O.J., Jessica, Homer?

With O.J. Simpson back in the news, a colleague of mine at NBC was regaling newbie newsies about the long national nightmare of the ‘90s known as the “Simpson saga.” Some of these young journalists were (gulp) in elementary school at the time, and my friend was trying to explain to them just HOW BIG A DEAL IT WAS.

To prove his claim, he searched “Simpson” on Google to see how many hits he’d get. Now, normally you’d see about 87 million hits on “Simpson.” Not this time. What you see below is not a lie--there was apparently some glitch in the Google universe--and his search came up empty.

What’s pathetic, though, is that when he showed this page to others in the newsroom, half the kids thought he was searching for Jessica Simpson, and one thought of Homer.


Meantime, my Microsoft Word’s spell check program is so old it doesn’t recognize “Google” or “blog”.

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