matches shoppers to designer jeans that fit is an online jeans store that uses exclusive technology to match shoppers to designer jeans that best fit each person’s unique body. Simply visit, enter a

couple measurements and answer a few questions about your body shape, and True Jeans pops back with a personalized catalog of jeans that fit you, from designer jeans brands like 7 For All Mankind, Paige Premium Denim, Hudson Jeans, Lucky Brand Jeans, and William Rast. It’s kind of like visiting a department store where everything that doesn’t fit you disappears. You measure yourself once, and eliminate the dressing room forever.

Shoppers receive a fit rating (using a 5 star scale) and size recommendation for every pair of jeans in True Jeans’ online catalog. You can also view fit details for each item to see how snug or loose each jean will be in your key body areas (ie: waist, hips, thigh, inseam). Since many designer jeans brands only have one standard inseam length (often 34-35 inches), True Jeans will prompt you if hemming is recommended. If the jeans are too long, True Jeans can shorten them for you. True Jeans is the ONLY online jeans store that offers an original hemming service so you can save a trip to the tailor.

Jessica Arredondo and I (Romney Evans) are the co-founders of True Jeans. We had a great time today visiting with Donny Deutsch and his two guests Duff McKagan and Susan Holmes.

Their feedback was excellent and to the point.

Duff expressed some concern that men might need a little extra encouragement to be motivated to buy jeans online, whereas Susan expressed immediate enthusiasm and was ready to start shopping. To Duff’s point, men and women exhibit very different shopping behavior, and therefore use True Jeans for slightly different reasons. Women tend to have a lot more difficulty with fit than men do. This is primarily due to the fact that women’s jeans styles tend to be much more fitted than men’s styles. However, a large portion of men tend to dislike shopping altogether, and love True Jeans purely for the “convenience factor” of being able to quickly buy jeans online with a significantly increased likelihood of having a successful buying experience, and a decreased likelihood of having to make a return. Statistically, you are more likely to return jeans in a brick and mortar store than you are buying jeans at True Jeans return rates are TWO TIMES SMALLER than industry averages –a testament to our fit technology.

We are really excited that Donny Deutsch invited to be featured on his show. Donny’s enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship is contagious and it really comes across in the show. I love that he inspires people to take action and work hard to pursue their dreams.

In that vein, I would strongly encourage would be entrepreneurs to do two things: 1) Become an expert in the field of your business regardless of your prior background. This is done through research, talking to everybody in the industry (don’t ever get nervous that someone is going to steel your idea… rarely happens), and listening to those with more experience than you. 2) Embrace your naiveté. If any entrepreneurs knew how difficult the road would actually be, few would ever embark on the journey. However, once you taste a little bit of success, it’s addicting –so enjoy it!

True Jeans has had a great first year with exceptional results from our fit technology. We have built a strong base of registered users, which continues to grow, and we have achieved top organic listings on Google. True Jeans has established a successful technology and business model that is revolutionizing the way people shop online. We are now seeking venture capital financing to take this business to the next level and eventually expand into other product categories and services. We welcome your feedback and ideas here on CNBC’s website and feel free to drop us a line or comment on our fashion and lifestyle blog – True Life. We look forward to hearing from you.


Romney Evans and Jessica Arredondo

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