The Big Idea Effect: Validas

Validas is saving customers on average $340 a year on their cell phone bill. In seconds, our technology performs over 100 calculations identifying errors and potential savings based on


your usage. Our software removes all the frustration, confusion, and anger that millions of consumers battle every time their cell phone bill arrives by making sure cell phone users have the best plan to fit their usage. Validas clearly communicates the consumer’s cell phone usage to the consumer and reveals information from the bill that the carrier will not tell you.

We have been told that our idea is great, but this is The Big Idea not The Great Idea. Most people can think of a great idea if they stay true to their beliefs, but a BIG idea requires something special.

Our team is compromised of four core people who left great jobs at huge firms [Verizon Wireless, Rim and Tyco]. Our professional lives were steady and safe for our families. Yet, we all had a burning desire to do something huge, something BIG. We believe that when consumers start using Validas, then service providers will listen. The carriers will see that we are not trying to take their revenue; rather we are helping them fix a massive problem. So what’s the BIG vision? Validas is not just about cell phone bills, in the future expect your cell phone bill, your cable bill, your electric bill, your water bill, and your ez-pass bill to enjoy the Validas experience.

If we make millions and don’t affect change… then we have failed.

Great idea’s make money and sometimes effect change; BIG ideas effect change and as a result make money. Validas is about change in a BIG way.

Our Story

My first job out of school was in retail for Verizon Wireless. On my first day, two of my co-workers went on disability and I was thrown into the fire. I learned quickly how badly people were being tormented by their cell phone bills.

As I built my career, I learned that the carrier was not intentionally causing the consumer problems the sales people, the complexity of systems and several corporate layers all contributed to this problem.

The combination of consumer confusion, greed and system complexity caused me and partner, Tom Pepe, to think about Validas Our CEO, Tom Pepe, who also worked for Verizon Wireless had the same passion as me. The core problem with cell phone billing was the invoice.

Our idea was to run the invoice through a machine first then re-display the invoice to the human in an easy to read and easy to understand format. Having a vision with software is not a novel concept; the key is the human who creates the software. After months of patent research we were ready to find a software company to build our product. Jeremy Groh, aka Ram, the self taught programmer helped us build the software and soon after, Dave Chalmers former VP of Rim joined Validas.

Our corporation was formed, our patent was applied for and accepted, and we prepped to bring Validas to market. Free from the pain of the “salt mine” team Validas continued working 18-20 hour days. We raised some friends and family money, but that wasn’t enough. Tom and I knew we had something. We took out credit lines on our homes and invited the pressure. Now here we are writing a blog on The Big Idea, a show that encourages us daily.

How do you use Validas?
1. Download your cell phone bill from your carrier’s online portal
2. Go to
3. Upload your cell phone bill
4. Review reports
5. Click “send email to carrier” and start saving

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