Countrywide (Shares) Rise But So Does Anger (Against Mozilo)

Bank of America's CEO says he is not pleased with his own company's performance and sees anemic growth for 2008. Still, he believes the purchaseofCountrywide will close in the second half of this year, sending CFC shares up in early trading.

Meantime, the Funny Business email folder continues to overflow with outrage at Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo's potential severance package if/when he goes, at the cancellation of his appearance at a University of San Diego real estate conference today, at and the retention bonuses other Countrywide executives are receiving to stay with the company.

From Dennis E:
"They should CHARGE Mozilo $115M instead of paying him for his blatant operational skills."

From "Anonymous in Maryland:"
"Hallelujah! I'm so glad the Mozilo has finally realized that people don't want to listen to him, see him or have anything to do with him!...Thank God, I don't work for Countrywide! Yes, I'll stick with a company that 'Leads the Way'!...I think it's funny their new company motto running on commercials is 'Nobody can do what Countrywide can!' - well, duh!"

From veteran real estate broker Michael B:
"Our economy has been artificially stimulated by rampant amounts of fraud and we need viable solutions not more concealment of fraud by the perpetrators."

From Randy R:
"These guys should be the poster boys for malfeasance, they are single handedly trying to tear down and profit on the US economy. There should be no artificial supports, and Mozilo and his crew from Central Casting should be indicted."

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