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A guest on your show, Brian Schaeffer of VDM Capital, waxed poetic about the impending demise of Apple. He cited increased competition on the iPhone and iPod lines from Motorola and others as the reason that Apple will not be able to meet expectations going forward. It seems clear that Mr. Schaeffer doesn't understand the appeal of the iPod and iPhone -- people are now and will continue to be very willing to pay a premium for these devices, and I do not see this declining, even in a declining economy. The appeal of these devices is so strong that people will forgo other purchases in order to buy one.

I think Mr. Schaeffer got the stock wrong because the only thing familiar to him about Apple is their balance sheet -- he knows nothing about their products or why they appeal to consumers.

-- Jason from New York


I think Brian Schaeffer of VDM Capital might be right on his $125 AAPL call. Everything is sagging right now. People thought i was crazy a month ago when i said S&P 1320 was very possible in our near future.

-- Jason from Pennsylvania


Two very different opinions from two people with the same name! But that's what it's all about. In case you missed the interview with Brian Schaeffer of VDM Capital, a link is below.

-- Lee Brodie

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