Cramericans Talk Back

We don’t call Mad Money the most interactive show on television for nothing. So when women from all over the U.S. piled into our studio for Ladies’ Night, Cramer had to go straight to the audience for questions. Here’s what came up:

Sue from Minnesota wanted to know when real estate would be a buy again. Cramer admitted he’d recently considered an investment property himself – because he’s not allowed to own stocks – but there’s just too much supply, he said. So even though mortgage rates are “the best it’s been in years,” real estate isn’t right just yet.

Denise from Wisconsin said that she and her husband held investments overseas, and they wanted to know which markets went on sale after yesterday’s losses. Brazil, was Cramer’s emphatic reply. Banco Bradesco , CVRD and Petrobras are all companies he can get behind.

Lastly, Yvonne from Illinois asked about tech. Apple reported earnings after the bell, and “it wasn’t a great quarter,” Cramer said. “That is going to weigh heavily on tech [Wednesday].” As much as he trumpeted Apple’s success last year, the Mad Money host recommended investors go with IBM , Microsoft or Research in Motion instead.

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