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I had such a good time tonight with Donny!

I get excited sharing my cancer journey and scare with viewers because I know the result will be encouragement for us all to take our health seriously. I know that sounds cliché but if I hadn't just that, I would still be feeling terrible, coughing uncontrollably, and being labeled as a celebrity "needing" attention. Not that anyone came out and said it, but you know when you get that knowing look that says, "there's nothing seriously wrong with you, take some time off, and make sure you take these medicines. Call me in two weeks if you don't feel better." And I called and called and called. The asthma medications didn’t do what they were supposed to do and the decongestants only gave me temporary relief.

Thank goodness for that “little voice” from my background in holistic health that kept on saying "go deeper, find the source!" My husband got very concerned last spring and encouraged me to go to yet another doctor to finally get to the bottom of my health issues. I told my new doctor that "I will not be able to leave this office unless I am prescribed both a chest xray and a full blood work up.” The next day I got the call informing me that the tests indicated there was a problem.

I still can’t believe I had (and survived!) cancer. I am both sad and grateful for the experience, and strangely, it has made me stronger and more focused. I believe firmly that life is short and we better make the best of it while we're here.

I want to leave you with this: Believe in yourself; no one else will ever have your best intentions as front and center as you do. Be a good self-advocate in your personal life, medical life, love life, professional life and make sure you are clear with the boundaries you establish. Hold dear friends and family close, because when life presents some twists and turns, you will feel supported and strengthened to handle any situation.

Good luck!

- Emme

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