Reader Poll - How Long Until Market Turns?


Hi All,

I went to the local Bellevue, Washington Apple store on Saturday and I saw NO sign of any recession. The store was packed (as usual) with people of all ages. I have always been on Apple but now so is everyone else. I will be disappointed if the stock goes down with the rest of the market. I think Apple is much more immune to the woes than some may think.

-- Michael from Washington


Financials are the best industry to own. It is a having a disastrous time - but once cleaned out they will run high... These firms are so well diversified in most sectors and globally it insulates their portfolios - and takeovers are sure to be on the edge of happening. Dividends are ok as well.

-- Paul D.


What goes down ultimately goes back up.

-- Bob K.


Thanks for all the comments everyone. I love hearing from you. I thought Bob K. presented an interesting idea. What do you think? How long until what goes down ultimately goes back up?

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