Question: Is This A Good Time To Buy A Car?


It's a pretty straight forward question, and one I hear more and more people asking: Is now the time to buy a new car or truck?

The deals are far from spectacular (avg. domestic incentive last month was $3,654, and the Average Asian brand incentive was $1,625) and given the shaky market and economy, it's easy to see why you might think twice before buying.

On the other hand, the selection and quality of vehicles has never been better. Last year, more than 75 new cars, trucks, and SUV's hit showrooms, and few were dogs. if anything, you could argue there's never been a better time to find exactly what you are looking for.

So what's the deciding factor for you? Given all the factors out there right now, are you leaning towards buying or steering clear? Let me know, and also let me know why you feel it's either a good time or a bad time to buy.

Friday morning I will share some of the answers. Write to me at:

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