Now For Something Different: More Countrywide? No, Chinese Porn

I'm taking a break from the Countrywide drumbeat of doom to talk about...Chinese porn. I figured that would get your attention. Here's a ticker of news items in the Funny Business file:

ChinaDaily.comreports that the Communist Party of China is calling for a crackdown on illegal and pornographic publications to "maintain a sound cultural environment." Last year, China confiscated 149 million pornographic, pirated, and unauthorized publications and shut down more than 62,000 illegal web sites. Well, in a country of well over a billion people, I wish them luck.

My favorite press release lately has the title, "China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball Participates in Chinese Government's Five-Year Technology Development Program of Steel Ball Industry."

In the release, the President of Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball says, "We take great pride to take an active role in the government's 11th Five-Year Technology Development Program of Steel Ball Industry in China and continue our leading position in the steel ball industry."

Would the 11th five-year program mean China's been dominating steel balls for 55 years? Is the Pentagon aware?

Roto Rooter promoted the "Pimped out John" last year as the ultimate Throne Room for the American Male. Now the company is back with the "Pimped Out Powder Room," for ladies, complete with heated toilet seat, non-steamable bathroom mirror, 17" TV, footbath, waterproof remote control, pink Sony Vaio laptop and computer desk (geez, not even I spend that much time in there), aromatherapy vase, and more!

One lucky woman will win this pink palace on National Plumber's Day in April. You can enter starting January 27th. Take a look.

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