Ryan Blair Muses on his Big Idea Appearance

By Ryan Blair

I just pulled away from the set of the "Donny Deutsch" show, where I taped a few segments today. I loved having a chance to be a part of this program, it always makes me feel good to know I am doing something to help others, no matter how big or small it is. This particular taping really put me in touch with the lack of knowledge people have about "how to" become successful. In the past 10 years I have had to make several decisions about what to do with my business, sell them, invest more, hire, fire, expand, and retract. Entrepreneurship is about making decisions. Wrong or right I have made thousands of important decisions. Some didn't work out while others did, if you were to add them up I'm proud of my track record and all of decisions I've made. At the end of the day your wins should be bigger and greater than your losses. And that's what entrepreneurship is all about. Winning.

I admire Donny, his experience in advertising is valuable to aspiring entrepreneurs. He knows his stuff and knows it well. We were on the same page with the Vin-T business idea. We liked the concept and product. Didn't like the name (it sounded too much like a Starbucks drink) and I didn't like the packaging. We both agreed that the price could be raised. I would buy this product for my girlfriend, it’s a novelty product, or even for my sister who loves vintage gear.

On the show with me, was Ivanka Trump, a very business-minded young lady (wonder where she gets that from?) I was impressed with her ability to convey her message and stick to her guns. She's got the eye of the tiger, no doubt, I'd back her in any business.

It is an honor to be asked to take part on this show, and to get to share my own knowledge of entrepreneurship with others. I am grateful for my own success as well as the success of my Companies – ViSalus Sciences, PathConnect and its launching of SkiSpace.com with Bode Miller and MTDN.com (Make the Difference Network) with Jessica Biel and her family. I know that what I am creating with my team on a daily basis affects the lives of others, and that allows me to go home at the end of a long day feeling like I've made progress.

I want to acknowledge those that I work with on a daily basis, from my management team ViSalus – Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen –to the new CEO of PathConnect, Chris Wong, and all of our team members in both companies who are critical in every aspect of my success.

If you liked what I had to say... or didn't... you can always email me... I actually read them! Ryan@pathconnect.com.

- Ryan

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