What Stocks the Market Pros Like Today

Though stocks are rallying today, investors are still proceeding cautiously.

To help them along, CNBC asked the experts for their market survival tips.

Eye on Aero

“It’s a small company [Esterline Technologies ]; unfortunately it does not pay a dividend. I usually like to buy companies that share some cash with us, but I’ve followed the company for decades. [It’s a] very well managed company, good stewards of the capital of the firm. We think the aerospace cycles are pretty long and that they will have up-earnings in the next two to three years, and the stock is off. It’s the kind of stock we like to buy in pullbacks.”

Ralph Shive, First Source Investment Advisors

Dialing into Telecom

“Sprintand T-Mobile are not bidding in the [FCC] auction, so I think we can be a little bit surprised by the valuations that come in. I do expect Google to be more aggressive though because I think it’s an option that they can kind of restructure the wireless industry if they own that spectrum and use it as negotiating leverage with AT&T and Verizon. I do think AT&T is going to end up with a lot of spectrum but I don’t think it’s necessarily going to cost them a lot of money.”

Timothy Horan, Oppenheimer Communications Analyst

Three Bulls Markets for '08

“I’ve been bullish in three areas: emerging market economies, energy and energy alternatives, and then the silent bull market, which is gold and precious metals. We think those three areas investors should have a heavy weighting in, and I think they’ll do well throughout this year with those.”

Rob Lutts, Cabot Money Management

Investing in "Real" Tech

“I think the places to be optimistic about are all the places that do not involve leverage, and in the U.S., that’s probably the technology sector, it’s the energy sector. I’m actually quite bullish on the tech sector long term. I think that’s one place where there’s no bubble. We went through that in 2000 and 2002, and I think that will actually survive relatively well in this cycle.”

Thiel recommends: Google and Intel

Peter Thiel, Clarium Capital Management President

Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola

“We like Pepsi. Pepsi’s trading at a slightly lower PE; it’s trading about a 19 PE. I think you’ve got a 12 to 13% total return story in it.”

Laboy recommends: Pepsi

Carlos Laboy, Credit Suisse Beverage Analyst