Tom Cruise Video: For A "Few Good" Scientologists?

If you haven't seen the video circulating the web showing Tom Cruise talking about Scientology, well, it's still on YouTube, despite reported efforts by the church to have it taken down:

Some believe Sumner Redstone--who famously fired Cruise a year ago--is probably running around Viacom now saying, "See, see?" The video surfaced after Andrew Morton's unauthorized biography on Cruise hit the best seller list.

It used to be that you crossed Tom Cruise at your peril. He has been the most bankable star in Hollywood. He was one guy you didn't mess with, let alone make fun of.

Until now.

How far has Cruise's fear factor fallen? To the point that a fellow actor has now come out with a video that actually, gulp, makes fun of the super star.

Jerry O'Connell ("Carpoolers") is starring in a video on FunnyorDie.comspoofing Cruise while talking about the writers' strike instead of Scientology. This is the web site Will Ferrell made famous with the video of the two year-old "drunk" landlord named Pearl.

O'Connell does a pretty good Cruise imitation, laugh and all. And while Cruise himself is now scheduled to be a presenter at this weekend's Screen Actors Guild Awards, honoring work in film and TV, FunnyorDie proves that some of the best entertainment is on the computer screen.

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