Andrew Zenoff gives his advice on how to overcome failure

By Andrew Zenoff
The three core aspects of my journey have been:

1) Knowing what matters to me and what I value… I got clear that I needed to be involved with supporting and nurturing people. Once I was clear about what mattered to me I was only willing to follow a trail that supported this value. Circumstance lead me to learn about nursing pillows and the needs new moms have for breastfeeding support, and how all the other u-shaped pillows were falling short in providing the true support needed.

I set my focus on one clear goal and vision “to create the world’s best breastfeeding pillow and figure out how to deliver it to the country.” That was my vision and I did it one learning step at a time

2) People and relationships were always my number one value and I have always made sure to foster relationships that were meaningful and this has resulted in many supportive results for my business success. From how I work with our employees to how we treat customers at DayOneCenters, Inc – the center for new and expectant parents, a one stop resource for community, service, education and support, and products from beginning of pregnancy through babies first years. People and relationships have resulted in being able to secure investors, hire great people and touch the lives or our customers in such a meaningful way that they have become many of our lead investors for growth.

3) Never stop, always take an action step, and get comfortable with walking in the unknown, the creative process is traveling in the unknown, one step at a time, learning, being flexible, and always take a step. Every obstacle or No, is an invitation to uncover a better way to proceed, don’t let fear stop you. Just dig deeper to find a better way around or over the obstacle. Every wall is an opportunity to find and create solutions, these are the real opportunities that help you create the unknown. Walk with faith and trust in your self and your vision and keep walking, When stuck, just take another step…keep going…even if you don’t know if its right or wrong.

I have overcome thousands of obstacles and each one looked like the end of the road and the end of the business for me. With each moment like that I took a deep breath and said ok it looks impossible, this is an invitation to find another way to keep moving forward, and I always did, it might have taken 100 times but I never stopped or gave up and kept trying different things, eventually it broke and the path unfolds and you find your way…

Deep faith in walking through the unknown holding on to your conviction and vision – It’s your life your unique expression of it, create your life and create your wish and be the dream you wish to see.

- Andrew