Carmen Wong Ulrich's Favorite Websites

Carmen Wong Ulrich
Carmen Wong Ulrich

By Carmen Wong Ulrich

Generation DebtMy website featuring advice on managing your money.

Qvisory tools for life
My blogs have advice on taking control of your money.

Men's Wealth Financial Center
The Money Multiplier - My answers your questions.

NFCC.orgWhen it comes to credit counseling or debt consolidation, always work with the nonprofits-find one near you here.

Dinkytown.netMy favorite calculator site-see how much you'll save (or not) if you refinance, lower your interest rate on your credit cards or increase your savings for retirement. Thorough and easy.

Consumerist.comAn amazingly useful-yet fun and snarky-blog with news you can use on all things purchased, serviced, taxed and how you pay for them. Reports on the best/worst customer service stories-needlessly hilarious yet refreshingly empowering.

Annualcreditreport.comThe ONLY free way to get your credit reports.

Bankrate.comA shopping mall for banks filled with as much information and guidance as resources and options for borrowing, saving and investing.

Consumer-action.orgAn excellent consumer advocacy site with links to consumer resources, a consumer-complaint desk, and a Consumer Service Guide. Check in for news regarding recalls and regulation changes that can affect you. Resources also available in Spanish.