GOP: You Should Be "Channeling" Bob Hope (At Least His Movie)

If the GOP has any sense of humor (Mike Huckabee's Chuck Norris ads are pretty funny),the party should start looking ahead to the general election and buy the rights to the following film clip. It's from the 1940 film, "The Ghost Breakers," starring Bob Hope, and it would be perfect for an ad campaign.

World of Warcraft ("WoW") is the most popular online videogame in the world with ten million players, created by Blizzard Entertainment, which is in the process of being purchased by Activision. Apparently WoW is more than just a massively multiplayer online role-playing behemoth full of Hunters and Blood Elves.

It is also an UNTAPPED VOTER BLOC. So Ron Paul, the Republican who has managed to run the most interesting campaign by doing nothing traditional, recently benefitted from a rally staged in his honor inside WoW. For the strangest bit of political theater I've ever seen,watch as Paul supporters march across Azeroth (my favorite part is Booty Bay).

Of course, of the ten million WoW users, half are not American, so they can't vote for President. Of the remainder, I suspect a good portion are 15-year-old boys too young to vote (I know one in particular who sleeps down the hall in my house). As for the rest, maybe this is just what they needed to become politically aware! Which, I guess, is good...right?

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