Eli Lilly CEO: Pharma Safe From Markets & Politics

Despite recent market upheavals, Sidney Taurel, CEO of Eli Lilly , says he is not convinced the pharmaceuticals sector will be negatively impacted.

“The pharmaceutical industry is not that affected by business cycles, and so I believe this financial and possible economic crisis isn’t going to affect significantly our company or the industry.”

In addition to changing business cycles, a changing political cycle is on the horizon. According to Taurel, this will only bring about marginal changes to his industry.

“I don’t believe we’re going to see a wholesale nationalization of healthcare. I think healthcare is such a deep topic and one with so many divisions that I don’t believe you can do in-depth reform without some bipartisan support. So what we’re going to see, I believe, is changes at the margin.

"We need, for example, in the U.S., to take care of the uninsured. I think that’s a pressing issue that all or most candidates are focusing on. We need innovation; there are many unmet medical needs.

"And I believe also that this country is very focused and very committed to free-market principles, and therefore I think will continue to have the appropriate incentive for innovation.”