Good Time To Buy A Car? Your Responses ( Yes And No)

It was a simple question that stirred quite a bit of reaction and e-mails. On Wednesday, I asked you if you think now is a good time to buy a new car, truck, or SUV, and not surprisingly, you are split on whether to take the plunge.

William writes:
"I say, go for it. I just got a great deal on a SUV which is politically unpopular right now. I don't think the dollar is going to go anywhere but down from now on, so I say if you have some dollars and you need a car, go for it."

David, who has worked with auto dealers says now is the time to pick the ride you want. He writes:
"Because there is so much inventory just about anyone, with a little persistence, should be able to get almost any American vehicle (and most non-German vehicles) for below invoice price, and still get any and all incentives. I've even seen diesels go out for under invoice, and that was almost unheard of as little as a year ago."

Adam agrees, saying:
"I believe that buying a car now would be a good idea because rates are low and prices are negotiable. With the decrease in rates you can finance something over 4-5 years and have a low enough payment that if things do get worse you don't run a high risk of defaulting."

But, it's the uncertain economy that spooks some of you. Brad writes:
"I say no, do not buy that car/truck right now. Unless you really need one, don't buy. Save your money and pay down your debt."

Lauran agrees writing:
"I easily wait until the good rebates come along. In the meantime, I'll simply drive what I have. Not buy now causes less financial pain for me."

Thank you for the e-mails (yes, that includes you AutoInsider).

My take: if you are expecting dramatically sweeter deals this spring, you are likely barking up the wrong tree. The automakers have already lowered production, inventories are in good shape, and they will cut production again before throwing out huge (sometimes money losing) deals.

Also, if you can afford it, now is the time to buy. The deals are pretty strong, but there's enough softness for you to get dealers to throw in the content and features you want.

Questions? Comments?