Beaten-Down Stocks That Become Opportunities

Recession. Bear market. Credit crunch. There's a lot for investors to worry about these days. And it's even harder to figure out where to put your money in this moody and unpredictable market.

CNBC asked the experts where they would look for opportunities. Here's what they had to say:

The Solar Trade

“There’s been a tremendous amount of technological progress made by a lot of leading companies in the space, so when you take that into consideration and ongoing cost-reduction in this industry, we do think that not everybody in the industry, but the select players should be able to deliver in a solar module at prices that can compete with the retail rates over the course of another three to four years.”

Sanjay Shrestha, Lazard Capital Markets

Shrestha recommends: First Solar and SunPower

Buying Beaten-Down Stocks

“I think you look and take advantage of some of the stocks that are beaten down. ING is one of those. I think the rumors that were swirling about a European bank with a big write-down, which now we know was Soc Gen, and not ING. I think that makes them attractive, and I believe the unusual activity in the stock and options also foretells some good things down the road. The stock’s down today, so it’s a nice time to be buying.

"I also like YRCW , because they have moved their analyst meeting to coincide with their earnings release on Monday. I doubt if they would have moved those to coincide together if it would have been an ugly report.”

Jon Najarian, Co-Founder

Small Caps for the Long-Term

[On his stock picks] “We think they’re going to perform almost regardless of what happens in the macro-economy, because these guys are all addressing huge markets with new technologies and have a leg up on their competitors.”

Savageaux recommends:, Turbochef , Xtent and Composite Tech

Tim Savageaux, Merriman Curhan Ford Director of Research

Value Plays

“There are some appealing situations out there, like Federal Express – great company, double-digit grower, somewhat economically sensitive - and then a Starwood Hotels, which is Sheridan and the W Hotels. You can’t replicate that business; stocks down from 74 to now 44.”

Patrick Becker Jr., Becker Capital Management Vice President