Barry Bonds' No. 762 Owner--So, Where Are You?

Barry Bonds
Jeff Chiu
Barry Bonds

Next Tuesday will mark five months since Barry Bonds hit what might be his final home run--No. 762. And yet, mysteriously, the fan with the ball has not come forward. We tried to use this forum months ago to find the fan and I guess we failed.

The truth is we got five notes from people saying they had the ball, but no one sent us pictures or could do anything to really prove to us they had the ball.

So I'll put the offer on the table again since everyone in the memorabilia business still can't find this ball. If you have the ball, come forward and prove you have the ball, which memorabilia experts said would one day be worth more than $1 million.

There's nothing to risk here. If you don't want to sell it, fine. Though I hope you realize that if Bonds finds a team in 2008, your ball's value is down the drain anyway since that means he'll likely hit another.

The truth is that Bonds' items aren't exactly commanding top dollar these days. Barry Bonds' home run ball No. 754 is currently up for auction by the folks at SCP/Sotheby's and it's commanding a little more than $5,000 with a couple days to go.

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