Lightning Round: Apple, AT&T, AECOM and More

Ultra Petroleum : Natural gas is “hopelessly out of fashion” to everyone but Cramer. He would “buy, buy, buy” UPL.

McGraw Hill : A good company, Cramer said, but one whose business still has further to come back. “I think you’ll get paid to wait” on MHP.

DirecTV : Don’t be aggressive, Cramer warned. DTV is in a hugely competitive market. Discovery Holdings is the only communications/television play he is recommending.

Broadcom : There’s no edge in owning Broadcom, Cramer said. The marketplace for cell phone parts is too competitive. However, he does continue to like Nokia .

Trimble Navigation : Again, too much competition. GPS was once a favorite of Cramer’s but he said the space has become too crowded. Sell TRMB and sell Garmin above $70 too, he said.

Apple : After its disappointing quarter, Cramer said he would lay off until it drops to $120. That’s when AAPL will look intriguing to him again.

First Solar : Oil isn’t headed to $50 anytime soon, Cramer said, even though FSLR is trading as though it is. He would buy it.

Southern Copper : Copper is “dead money” right now, Cramer said.

Northrop Grumman : The company has too much cash flow to stay down so low, Cramer said. It’s a buy along with Boeing , which Cramer likes for its commercial aviation exposure.

Clearwire : Too hard and too speculative, according to Cramer.

AT&T : Cramer would buy T and Verizon for good measure. One buck lower, at $35, T might actually be the single best buy of the market, Cramer said.

AECOM Technology : There is a perception that municipalities are cutting back on infrastructure spending, which is AECOM’s bread and butter. Cramer would wait to see what the quarter brings before recommending it.

Texas Instruments : At $30, it’s cheap, Cramer said. “I’m standing behind TXN.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Discovery Holdings.

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