Heath Ledger's Death--Your Responses To GenoMed Claim


Friday I blogged about the most audacious press release I've received in a long time from a small biomed company called GenoMed. The company's Chairman and CEO, Dr. David Moskowitz, claims Heath Ledger probably died due to complications from the flu--likening it to Anna Nicole Smith's death--and GenoMed had the means to save him.

Here are some of the emails I got about it--including one from Dr. Moskowitz.

From Stefan F. from Austria:
"I had the feeling that you make 'fun' about a company which is able to save/expand thousands of life's. Honestly, have you ever checked their website? I don't think so...because if you had, then you would have a different opinion about the health industry. Why do you think its not possible that Mr. Ledge died from a flu? Thousands of people are dying every year from a flu."

From Danny W:
"Dr. Moskowtiz has some pretty impressive medical credentials, do you? Perhaps you should investigate before you do a drive-by judgment."

From Keith S:
"You may not think think highly of Dr. Moskowitz. I owe my life to him. I was almost dead when I discovered him. With an immune system devastated by HIV, and most doctors wanting to try prophylactic antibiotics to help keep me alive, I started on his protocol in a continuing clinical trial...My last report from my doctor says I am healthy enough to begin looking for work again. I owe all this to Dr. Moskowitz. Write what you like. I am living proof his treatment works."

From Joshua F:
"As an avid trader, CNBC watcher and entrepreneur, I wanted to tell you that Dr. Dave Moskowitz and GenoMed are NOT as bizarre as you might think. He is onto something, but it is very complex, and he is a Harvard MD, not a seasoned executive."

AND FROM THE MAN HIMSELF, Dr. David Moskowitz:
"There's beginning to be more written about the 'cytokine storm'--it's what kills people with SARS, West Nile virus, and avian influenza (H5N1). For example. Cytokines also make you feel sick from the regular flu and the common cold, especially TNF-alpha (also called 'cachectin'). TNF-alpha is made by the macrophage in response to protein kinase C activation. Our contribution was inferring that in the body protein kinase C is activated by none other than a well-known blood pressure hormone called angiotensin II. This means that life-threatening immune-mediated disease can be safely combated with blood pressure pills, which would truly be a major breakthrough for public health. Thanks again for the ability to let your jaw drop. Shock is often the first step in any discovery, scientific or otherwise."

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