See What People Are Saying On Jan. 28th


I also believe that constant talk of an impending recession is self-fulfilling. We don't need to wear rose colored glasses, but we need to emphasize the positive aspects of our economy.

I'd like to say, I don't who came up with the format for this show, but I congratulate him/her. The personalities are all so strong and yet you all seem to respect each others opinions there in the middle is the quarterback performing flawlessly and rolling right through all the spikes and dips. I'm so pumped by the time this fast-paced show is over I feel like I could go out and trade a stock or two myself.

Thanks for a one-of a-kind-show.

-- Robert


Carter is great. I understand he sees a dead cat bounce this week or next, but does he have some sense of a bottom number for the S & P 500. Maybe 1200? 1100?

-- Jon C. from Ohio

I think Carter Worth might have speculated where he thinks the S&P will land. Check out the post.

-- Lee Brodie

> Chartology: Charting The Storm

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