Daven Tackett tells her story after the show!

By Daven Tackett

When me and my husband Paul had our first child, we decided that I should stay home and take care of her. It then became my responsibility to stretch the family dollar. When you have to purchase new clothing every six months, you need a way to get the money you will


need to purchase those things. I would just throw up a garage sale for a weekend and then I would use the money to go Goodwilling or garage selling to purchase the new items.

Shannon called me and told me the idea and asked if I thought the market in Tulsa would be open to this idea. I didn’t even think about it, I already know it was! Every mom in the world can use extra income to help take care of their children. I asked Shannon if I could help her and that’s how our partnership was formed.

We invited 17 of our close friends to bring their gently used children’s clothing and items to Shannon’s home for us to sell them. We clipped threads, ironed them, hung them and tagged their clothing. We had a 2 day sale and made a whole $2000.00 at our first sale. We were thrilled at having some extra cash.

Our friends kept asking when we were going to have the next sale and new friends wanted the opportunity to sell their items. Everyone wanted to be included. We were very encouraged and excited to have another sales event to start planning.

We moved from Shannon’s living room to a three car garage and the third sale was held at a church gym. We grew and took a leap of faith and booked a room at one of the largest event centers in our home town of Tulsa, OK. The rest is Just Between Friends….

Friends and family from many other cities wanted to start their own sale in their community and so we helped them get started. We had some very smart business people to encourage us to franchise this business concept. We had no idea what we should do first so we took it one step at a time. We registered our name, started working on getting our website up to date and started working with a very nice franchise lawyer. We were very lucky to be able to surround ourselves with very smart people who took care of us and our business!

We streamlined an application process and set up a demographics company and we were off and running. We stated selling franchises in January of 2004 and we now have 61 sales events in 16 states and we are constantly working on at least 5 new sales. We would love for you to inquire about a sale for your community today! jbfsale.com

- Daven