GOP Debate: Key Moment To Watch For (Dems Too)


Here's what to watch in tonight's GOP presidential debate at the Reagan library in California: Does Mike Huckabee work to undercut the economic arguments Mitt Romney will make against John McCain?

We already know that Rudy Giuliani, by endorsing McCain, is hurting Romney. And Huckabee, as prime vice presidential material for McCain, has ample incentive considering that his chances of actually winning the nomination appear minimal.

And here's what to watch in the Democratic race now that John Edwards has dropped out: Do his working class white supporters gravitate to Obama because he stands for the "change" argument Edwards championed? Or do they decide that Hillary Clinton is stronger on the economy--and perhaps that they aren't as comfortable with an African American presidential nominee as many observers have assumed? Those cross-currents could decide the Democratic race.

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