Behind The Scenes Of The Big Idea with Troy Dunn

In the past 17 years, I have been a guest on literally hundreds of national tv shows on every major television network in America and the U.K. I don't say that to boast. I share that with you to add some credibility to my next statement, which is this: being a guest on Donny's show, "The Big Idea", was the most fun I have ever had as a guest on any show I have EVER done!!!

The Food. In the "Greenroom"- First of all, the food spread Donny puts out for his guests is amazing! I know food seems like a silly thing to mention, but trust me- when you spend a lot of time hanging out in windowless greenrooms (which most are) food is important! Donny spares no expense with the treats, the fresh fruit and the drinks (all family friendly beverages!) If you ever have an opportunity to be one of Donny's guest, bring an extra bag to snag some of this delicious food! LOL

The Other Guests. I have read where other past guests have mentioned this but I am going to repeat it anyway; being amongst the high calibur people which Donny has on his show is a treat beyond measure. If you are reading this, you are probably an entrepreneur and already realize the value of networking and getting to know other entrepreneurs. But kicking back in the greenroom with all of the other "Big Idea" guests for an hour or two is amazing. These people are so inspiring, so uplifting and motivating. I personally think the the greenroom should be renamed "Donny's Den" because it feels like its a big entrepreneur party at Donny's house. Inspiring stories being told, uplifting advice and counsel being shared with one another and quick friendships being formed. It was so much fun!

The Staff. Again, I defer to my 17 years of television experience just long enough to make a point. Most tv shows have staffs that are over-worked, under appreciated and they look like they haven't slept in months. While Donny may work his team hard, they obviously enjoy their work. They are so uplifting, so energetic and accommodating. But even more, they may very well be the smartest production staff in the television industry! No kidding. I engaged in numerous conversations today backstage with various producers, crew members, Paul the web guru, even the hair/makeup team- they are all so business savvy! Seriously, these people could leave tv and walk right into corporate america and run a company. It is no wonder why Donny's show is so well done. It's because Donny has correctly hired the brightest, most business enlightened people in the TV biz. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these "Big Idea" staffers are future guests on The Big Idea!

The Man Himself, DONNY. Again, I realize I risk sounding a little "snobbish" when I say this, but I do happen to know a lot of tv personalities, some of them are very close friends. Without naming names, I can tell you that too many of the tv folks I have worked with over the past decade and half are arrogant, self-righteous and frankly, downright unlikable. Ther are also some which are absolutely delightful and true friends of mine. (Did I sufficiently cover my backside?)

With that being said, meeting and spending time with Donny was an extraordinary treat. When you watch him on TV, don't you just think to yurself, "if I met him, I'll bet we would be good friends." Well, you are absolutely right. Donny is the same Donny off the air as he is on the show. He is really as passionate about the topics he covers, as he appears to be. He really does get excited about great idea, strong revelations and passionate people. Donny is absolutely the entrepreneurs best friend. Sitting knee to knee with him as I did today, was like having lunch with a buddy and swapping stories. Donny was genuine, engaged and gracious before and after the interview. A real class act to say the least.

It was a treat to spend some time with the entire Big Idea team and look forward to seeing them again in the future.

My closing thought for you is to share with yu my life motto; "No Success In Life Compensates For Failure In The Home."

Take great care of those you love as they are truly what life is all about. Lose yourself in service to others.

God bless you and your big idea!
Troy Dunn
Author: "Young Bucks; How To Raise A Future Millionaire".
(All proceeds from book sales goes to pediatric cancer research.)