From the Boogie Mom's - Mindee & Julie

What a great Minute to Millions segment on the show today! Thanks to Joy and Rebecca for taking the time to give us some advice and especially to Donny and his amazing team of producers for having us on the show. We were thrilled to be in the presence of such great


minds and are so excited to see where our business goes. Speaking of that, it's funny Rebecca mentioned an organic "green" wipe. We have already launched a grape scented Boogie Wipe and our Organic, 100% cotton Boogie Wipe is close behind.

Also a huge thank you to the wonderful kids and teachers at the Growing Garden Nursery School. We loved your energy and smiles this morning and you were all so sweet. Parents - you chose a wonderful school for your kids and you should be very proud of them, they were angels. Thank you for letting us get to know them and wipe their cute little noses all morning.

One last thing we wanted to add...for all the Mom's out there with Big Ideas, hold on tight to them. Recognize what you know and more importantly, what you don’t and ASK FOR HELP! You CANNOT do it all yourself. Our number one priority is to make sure our kids and families are thriving. That means we sometimes have to ask for help to get everything done in a day that we want to. There are more people in your life than you think that would love to help you succeed with your business or idea. You just have to ask.

We have received some emails from other moms asking how we approached certain parts of our business and we are happy to share our advice. We have had so many requests that we will actually be hosting some Mompreneur events in Fred Meyer stores in Oregon next month. If you are in another state, check our website for our event schedule and please come see us if we are in your hometown. We would love nothing more than to help other Mom's make their ideas into Millions too. We truly believe happy, successful and confident Mom's are the heart of a family and have the power to change our future generations.

Thank you for watching our segment and reading our blog.

Boogie On,
Mindee & Julie