Real Super Bowl Question: Will Belichick Wear His Hoodie?

Bill Belichick wearing the Patriots hoodie.
Bill Belichick wearing the Patriots hoodie.

With the hard-core media here in Arizona for the entire week, plenty of great questions have been asked. But there's one that hasn't been: "Will Bill Belichick Wear His Hoodie On Game Day?"

Your initial reply might be, "Of course not. It's in Arizona."

Well, it's not that hot. Game time temperature looks to be about 60 degrees. The ramifications of turning himself into the "Unicoacher?" Well, the stats tell us that if he wears the sweatshirt, he'll see better defense, but fewer points scored.

(Please look at this, it took me hours to figure this out!)

Bill Belichick has worn his sweatshirt 10 times this year:

Chargers, 38-14
Bengals, 34-14
Browns, 34-17
Redskins, 52-7
Bills, 56-10
Ravens, 27-24
Dolphins 28-7
Giants 38-35
Jaguars 31-20

Average points scored per game: 33.8
Average opponents score per game: 14.8
Average margin of victory: 20 points

Games that Bill Belichick has not worn the sweatshirt, 8 times this year:

Jets, 38-14
Bills, 38-7
Cowboys, 48-27
Dolphins 49-28
Colts, 24-20
Steelers, 34-13
Jets, 20-10
Chargers, 21-12

Average points scored per game: 34 points
Average points scored by opponent: 16.4 points
Average margin of victory: 17.6 points

I know a lot of fans want him to wear this. The number one seller on The hoodie sweatshirt. And NFL spokesperson Joanna Hunter told me that the Patriots lead the league in hooded sweatshirt sales, thanks to Belichick, making up 24 percent of all sales of that style.

Strahan And "The Gap"
I always wanted to ask New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan about the gap in his teeth that, years ago, helped him become a marketer's dream. Luckily, yesterday at the press conference, a reporter asked him how valuable that gap was.

Here's his classic response: "I never sat back and looked in the mirror and said, 'How much can I get for this gap?...I went to the dentist and I had all the X-rays and the charts and the pictures of how I would look if it was fixed. And I decided if I did it, it would just not be me. So, I decided to keep it. I think the thing about it is, people look and say, 'Okay, here's a guy who's not perfect.' But, to me, it's worth it because it fits me....My teammates give me a hard time about it. You know what I tell them? When we go somewhere and you're standing at the back of the line and they don't notice you and I walk up and smile, I automatically get in. That's why I have it."

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