More from Kim Babjak in her post-show blog!

By Kim Babjak

I had an absolutely fabulous time with Donny today on The Big Idea. It was both a privilege and a pleasure taking part in such an exciting forum for entrepreneurs.


Not only do I run a successful multi million-dollar retail company, I want to assist others in finding their own “ MILLION Dollar Idea” in a product they have created.

For instance, Robert Kioysaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad, whom I am currently working with to develop a line of financial literacy tools for consumer use in electronic retail.

Other great ideas I am currently working on are Mother’s 3 rd Arm, La Bella Maria Naturals, The Kiro Pillow, and a doggie treat to die for called Pawsitively Yummy Gourmet Treats. You can get more information on how I can help you too by visiting my web site

My story- I was fortunate enough to launch my product line on QVC and QVC UK, the largest electronic retailer in the world. I have spent the last eight developing the relationships necessary to be coined the QVC Queen!

After my products successes on TV, Wal-Mart called to carry my products in their stores. Which by the way is a great position to be in. That was my defining moment and when I realized I had made it!

Having multiple products in retail poses many unexpected challenges, which most people do not anticipate and plan for. From funding issues to the large inventors needed, to the logistics of it all, many new entrepreneurs fail from lack of knowledge an experience. You MUST have a mentor!!

My A-Ha moment - Had it not been for Charlotte, my childhood classmate, who humiliated me because I worked as the french fry girl at Mc Donald’s, I may not have been motivated to change the course of my life and start a business.

In closing, I wish each an every one of you much success, and always remember that only you can determine the course of your life. Do not allow anyone to tell you “you can’t do it” or “you can not sell that.” You can. You will. And, I will lend you my helping hand.


- Kim Babjak