Bug Labs post-CES update!

CES is almost a blur in our minds now, even though it was only two weeks ago! From the moment we arrived in Vegas until the moment we left we were utterly swamped, whether it was filming video with CNBC, meeting w


ith bloggers and press, or talking to show attendees. This was really our first time talking with so many people at the same time, and we learned a lot from the experience.

While on the Donny Deutsch show, Peter was given the advice to simplify/clarify the company message, so we took that to heart for CES.

Rather than talk about "open source, modular devices" we talked about being "the Lego of Gadgets" (a term Rafe Needleman at CNET used to describe the company), and the messaging worked quite well. In fact, during the four days we started having people showing up at the booth saying they had heard about us from that description.

During CES we did a lot of outreach, as we went to the Bloghaus twice to talk to bloggers (where we met up with Doc Searls, one of the top Linux and open source advocates!), we went to the Blogger Bus with Robert Scoble and the CNBC crew, and we went to the Showstoppers media event (where over 400 bloggers and press attended). As a result of all this we ended up with several hundred distinct pieces of coverage from the show!

The pinnacle moment for us was winning a Best of CES award. We found out just before the final CNBC shooting that we were selected as a finalist in the Emerging Technologies category, but were really biting the nails down to our knuckles until the announcement was made on Wednesday afternoon. Considering we were up against huge companies like Sony and Pioneer, this was a major accomplishment for our small team.

It's now two weeks later, and we haven't dropped the ball since. On January 21st we opened the Bug Labs store and began taking orders. Quite a long road for us since our first filming with CNBC back in December, and it doesn't stop now. Next up for the company is when we begin shipping out units (by March 17th) and get the real feedback from our early adopter customers. It's been a great ride so far, and looks like there's a lot more great stuff ahead.

Jeremy Toeman
Bug Labs VP of Marketing