Bank on These Financial Stocks


After months of declines, bank stocks have been rallying.

Although investors may not have heard the last of the subprime crisis or the credit crunch, American Beacon portfolio manager Adriana Posada has a couple of favorites in the sector.

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Her Large Cap Value Fund has gained an average of 15.90 percent over the last five years.

Her first choice is Bank Of America.

"This is a strong company," she told CNBC. "It has weathered storms similar to these in the past. It is trading cheaply...and it has a great dividend of around 6 percent."

Posada also likes JPMorgan Chase.

"It is, of course, one of the largest, most diversified financial companies, globally," she said. "It has a great capital structure; it shed most of its subprime loans that were originated in '06 and '07 very early on."

She's not turning a blind eye to the possibility of more trouble in credit. But, she added, "These companies are solid businesses," she said.

"The important thing is, if the business is strong, it should be able to weather the storm."