Super Bowl Stocks: Touchdowns & Fumbles


Super Bowl XLII: Beyond football, big-screen TVs, pizza, beer and gambling all come to mind. Are stocks in those areas good for your portfolio?

Pick carefully, says Brent Wilsey. The president of Wilsey Asset Management named the stocks that'll be winners -- and that ones that will fumble.

He's strong on Best Buy , with some reservations.

"I like the company's debt-to-equity," he told CNBC. "It's ony 26 percent, which is pretty low. They've got about 30 percent return on equity. This stock goes between 42 and 54. I like to buy it closer to 42 than to 54, obviously."

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To his surprise, he also likes DirecTV Group.

"I expected to find a terrible company here," he said. "What I found was a company that has a forward PE of only 15 times earnings...and their earnings are up 28 percent year-over-year, not a lot of debt. The stock's about 20 percent off its 52-week high."

On Wilsey's not-so-good list is Sam Adams brewer Boston Beer.

"Boston Beer is just too expensive," he said. "Their earnings are down one percent year-over-year, while the industry is up 15 percent. Look at their earnings for `07: They're expected to be $1.74, and for `08, they're going to decline to $1.68. I just can't justify buying a company whose earnings are going to go down, not up."

He's also not enticed by Las Vegas Sands.

"Year-over-year, their earnings are down 57 percent, and their debt is just outrageous, 331 percent debt-to-equity," he said. "I think this stock has more to fall before I can say it's a buy."

And in the restaurant business, Wilsey likes Brinker International

, but he's cold on Domino's Pizza.

"This company is just too risky," he said. "Buy the pizza, enjoy the pizza, but stay away from the stock. It's just too crazy."