Bald Is Beautiful on Wall Street: Part 2

If Exxon Mobile's most recent quarter was "hairy," then Intuitive Surgical's report was anything but.

On Monday's Mad Money, Cramer explained how Wall Street refers to less-than-perfect earnings as those "with hair on them." Take Exxon Mobile , for example. The oil bellwether posted a huge beat, but it was fueled by unsustainable one-time gains.

Wall Street gushed with praise: "Another Da Vinci Masterpiece," Deutsche Bank said. "4Q results were impressive; Hard to argue with stellar results," said Jeffries. The accolades were in sharp contrast to traders' response to Exxon: Shares dropped 45 cents Friday on the report.

"It's all about the hair, or lack thereof," Cramer said. "ISRG's baldness is beautiful, and I say buy, buy, buy."

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