College Sweetheart Beats Brazilian Model

Well, well, I guess that answers that. The greatest team of all time isn't the New England Patriots. The greatest quarterback of all time isn't Tom Brady. And THE football family of all time has to be the Archie Manning family. Two NFL quarterbacks for sons. Two Super Bowl starting quarterbacks. Two winners. Two MVPs.

18 and 1 is a great season, and the Pats are a good team. They likely won't be as good next year. Their coach is a good manager of talent and apparently a fellow devoid of personality and sportsmanship. Tom Brady is a GQ kinda guy with a Brazilian model girlfriend. Eli Manning is a kind of funny looking guy with a college sweetheart girlfriend.

Oh, and he's the winner.

A note about Glendale Arizona as the site of a Super Bowl. Nice place. Clean, modern, in the middle of nowhere. Great stadium, great. But let there be no doubt, New Orleans is where they should play the Super Bowl. I was there just this past weekend. Mardi Gras is underway, the tourists are back, the food is great and so is the atmosphere. It's time to take the game back to the Superdome.

And what does this all say about the clincher of this unprecedented week, Super Tuesday? Off hand I'd say, that just about the time some pundit tells you it's all over in California, or Arizona, or Missouri, wait. After all, the pundits told us that the Patriots were 12 point favorites, and that the Giants didn't have a prayer. Oops.

"MOA" will be in Arizona all week. You can see the video versions of our exploits on CNBC's Power Lunch.

I've seen 12 or 13 Super Bowls. None was sweeter than this one.

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