Kim Overton of Spibelt's After The Show Blog

From the launch of my product, buyers have told me that I should contact "The Big Idea" with Donny Deutsch. When I received a call from the show, after submitting my video, I was thrilled


and in mild disbelief that it was really happening! I enjoyed every minute of being there, and thank Donny for his amazing feedback and expert advice in helping me take the SPIbelt to Millions! High-five, Donny, you'll see us up there soon!

Since the launch of the product nearly a year ago, we've landed in over fifty retailers around the country and Canada. We've also become increasingly available in travel stores, and stores of general interests, in addition to fitness. It was designed with travel in mind (can hold a passport).

In the near future, we will be rolling out additional versions of the SPIbelt, from fully reflective ones to water resistant and more. Product updates and info can be found on the "The Big Idea" website.

Passion helped launch our company and product, and passion are one of the top ingredients Donny talks about on the show in making your dreams turn into millions. I'm a big believer in pursuing ones passions, and as recently said on one of the shows, "do what you would do for free!" This is so true. This is when work, isn't work, but fun.

My final thought on making it happen for you, and another that Donny and guests often talk about, is how not to let fear get in your way. If you are afraid to pursue your passions (your ideas, your dreams), then you are guaranteed to NOT get results. When you give it a shot, you either gain experience and a valuable lesson on how to make it work next time and what not to do, or you hit the mark - I say go for it!

Thank you again, Donny and the American Dream Team, you're a wonderful inspiration to us all!

- Kim