Sarah Silverman And The Snapple "Kissing" Video


How do I say this delicately? There is a very funny, irreverent, nearly obscene video on YouTube showing comedienne Sarah Silverman explaining to her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel that she’s having an affair with Matt Damon. It made me laugh--very hard.

But because some might consider it really outside the bounds of good taste (well, it is—but so am I), I really can’t give you a direct link. But go to YouTube and put in search terms, like, oh, I don’t know, “Sarah Silverman,” and “Matt Damon,” and you’ll find it.

It turns out Silverman did a little product placement in the video! She holds up a Diet Snapple! Even writes a lyric about it!

And Snapple (now owned by Cadbury Schweppes ) is "Snapping" back.

The company’s PR firm sent me a release from the company, announcing it was sending Kimmel lots of free Diet Snapple. I’m changing one word (even though the Snapple folks put an asterisk in the middle of the word to make it “safe”). Every time you see the word “kissing”, imagine a much different word—a MUCH different word.

From Diet Snapple to Jimmy Kimmel:

Hey Jimmy,

Heard that you found out about Sarah “kissing” Matt Damon. Sorry you had to find out that way, and that my sublime flavor blinded you to Sarah's philandering ways.

In an attempt to console you, here's a whole lotta me for you to enjoy. Hopefully it will numb the pain. In fact, if your viewers want to share their girlfriend/boyfriend is “kissing” someone else story on air, they can have a case of me too…

Anyway, keep your spirits up. It's not like she was “kissing” Ben Affleck or anything. Now that would have been embarrassing.

Diet Snapple

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