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Hello Mr. Hirschhorn,

My question is regarding the start up of my company. I understand the importance of creating a business plan to attract investors. My challenge that I have is that I am not a skilled writer. Should I invest into a business plan writer or attempt to write one myself? The thing I am worried about is that the business plan writer will not truly understand what I am trying to do.

Michael J. from Corona, California

Dr. Doug's Answer:

Hi Michael,


If you are not a good writer, then i absolutely believe you need to invest in a writer to help write your business plan.

Your concern about the person not "truly understanding" your idea is a valid concern but that is what drafts and re-writes are for.

- make sure you have simple contract with the business writer.
- make sure you have seen samples of business plans he or she has written in past
- make sure you speak with people he/she has written business plans for in past...were they happy with his/her work? did they get his/her concept?

Also, when you are putting the agreement letter in place, make sure there is a deadline expectation of when the draft is to be completed and that his or her full payment for the work is contingent upon your acceptance of the plan.

The writer will likely not want to agree to this because it may never "be up to your standards" so you will both need to agree on being "reasonable" in the drafting process.

It is critical that you stay in frequent contact with the writer so he or she "gets" your idea and then can translate it to paper.

And MOST important... learn how to get comfortable with giving up some control... it may be your idea, but if you don't allow and trust others to help you build and grow it then your idea may very well stay just like that... an "idea."

Thank you for the email, Michael... now go find a writer.

Dr. Doug


Hi, my name is Alan. I am 21 and have no business background. I have recently had a couple of ideas for some products. I have no drawings or plans but I know what I want them to look like. I get a lot of ideas but I seem to ignore them after a couple of days. Any way how should I start to create these products? What should my first step be? I don't have a lot of money but would love to see my visions come alive and of course, SELL!!!

Alan L. from Clackamas, OR

Dr. Doug's Answer:

Hi Alan,

Great ideas without focus are... well... just ideas... it is all about EXECUTION.

You need to start to put things on paper.

While i dont know what you product or idea is....you should do the following:
- If it is a product, then make a prototype
- If is an idea or business, then map it out on paper

Doing things like this will make it more real to you and give you a greater level of commitment and idea generation.

Bottom line is you need to start to get it out of your head and into the physical world.... don't worry about finding that perfect idea... just start to lay them out... each and every one of them... and put them in a box or on a shelf or taped to your wall.

It only takes ONE great idea to turn into GREAT success.

My advice...get focused so you can get started.

- Dr. Doug

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