Digital Photo Frames — A Buyer's Guide

Want to frame your friends and family without all the muss and fuss? Go digital!

Here are some of the products available:

eMotion Digital Picture Frame
Cost: $300
Size: 15 inches
More Information:MediaStreet.com


Kodak EasyShare EX1011
Cost: $250
Size: 10 inches
Details: Connects to PC or KodakGallery.com via Wi-Fi
More Information:Kodak.com

eStarling Digital Wireless Frame
Cost: $250
Size: 8 inches
Details: Wi-Fi, unique email address, and setup Web site
More Information:eStarling.com

SmartParts SP8PRT Frame with Printer
$280 (plus $20 for each 36-print cartridge)
Size: 8 inches
Details: Prints glossy lab-quality 4x6 prints in 30 seconds
More Information:smartpartsproducts.com