Q&A with Carmen: Which Financial Budgeting Software Would You Recommend?

Carmen Wong Ulrich
Carmen Wong Ulrich

By Carmen Wong Ulrich

Question: I would like to get on a financial budget and need to know which financial budgeting software you recommend.
William from West Virginia

Answer: Some of the best financial budgeting software out there is free-and dare I say, fun! Try community money management sites such as Wesabe.comand Geezeo.com. Safe and easy to use, these sites allow you to access and manage all your banking accounts at no charge. Far from the days of basic Excel sheets, you can 'tag' certain items to form categories that you'd like to keep track of, such as all your spending on 'gas', or 'pet' or 'home office'. And if you're looking to find discounts or deals in your area, both sites give you access to a community of local users who can offer tips to stretch your dollars or even emotional support when you just need to hear someone say, “Put the credit card down.”