You Vote: Big Idea or Bad Idea?

You've heard the experts, now it's your chance to tell us what you think! Are these Big Ideas or Bad Ideas? Let us know and find out what everybody is thinking!

Pre-nup agreements aren't just for brides and grooms anymore. Now BRIDESMAIDS may have to sign on the dotted line... promising they won't gain weight or get pregnant before the wedding. One out of five brides thinks this is a good idea...

Just what the world needs: a new airline fee. United Airlines is going to start charging flyers an extra 25 bucks to check a second suitcase. First suitcase is free. The second one: 25 clams.

Here's something kinda creepy, but maybe that's the point. Public service announcements with the goal of stopping statutory rape... They feature the body of a sexy adult woman... but the head of a little kid.

Amercrombie and Fitch has done it again. Getting in trouble with the law in Virginia for displaying so-called obscenity... because of a photo that shows a young man pulling up his jeans and showing a little of his butt.

An Austrian movie theater is letting people bring their dogs to see movies one day a month.